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Help Defend Life

The Philippines is the largest pro-life country in the world, but if we don't act Right Now, it may become the newest nation to join the
culture of death and allow the killing of innocent babies through surgical and chemical abortions.

The "Reproductive Health" Law that has been approved for debate in the Phillipines Legislature would destroy the protections that are
currently in the law for preborn children. It would use public government funds to pay for chemical abortions, force children in
public and private schools to receive "sex education", and fine and imprison anyone who refuses to go along with this immoral plan.

When informed about the real effects and intentions of the law, a staggering 92 % of Filipinos polled responded that they do not want such a law.

Unfortunately, the United States is using your tax dollars to buy out the Philippino legislature. In 2010, under the Obama administration's
guidance, the United States government pledged to give $434 MILLION through the Millenium Challenge Corporation (a US government agency) over the next five years to the government of the Philippines. A large part of this money is earmarked directly for "reproductive health services.".

As a doctor practicing medicine in the United States, I know what that means; it means abortion, it means tax payer funded abortions. It is
an outrage that our tax dollars are going to promote abortion and kill little babies in the Philippines.

I have put together an online petition to bring public attention to this outrage. My intent is to gather the full support of the American
Filipino community and present our petition to the US Congress, the White House, and to each and every member of the legislature of the Philippines in Manila.

Please sign this petition

You can also print the petition from this website, take it to church have your parish members fill it out, and then mail it back to me to the address listed on the petition sign-up form.

We only have one month to make our voices heard.

The life of the next generation of Filipinos is on the line, please go to


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